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Chapman Management Solution

A 1-Day or 2-Day Course

  • The ‘Solution’ enhances the knowledge, skills and workplace performance of managers and team leaders. 
  • The focus is employer/employee relationships.
  • The market is middle and senior management in corporates, government departments/parastatals, and educational institutions.

How is the ‘Chapman Management Solution’ different from other management extension courses on the market?

  • It integrates business coaching with business training as a key to management enhancement.
  • Its design and delivery ensure learning transfer to the workplace and organisation.
  • Its research-based manual provides: i) a guide to the course; ii) a guide to on-going career development.

The ‘Chapman Management Solution’ addresses the following research finding:

“85% of organisational investment in training events yields only 24% of learning effectiveness.” (Dr Brent Peterson, University of Columbia, 2004)

To aim at 85% effectiveness involves a combination of coaching empowerment and learning transfer:

  • “Coaching is a core management skill which few managers master. If you cannot coach a team, you end up having to deal with every problem yourself. All the monkeys land on your back.” (Jo Owen, The Mobile MBA)
  • “Training can improve performance by 22%. Training accompanied by coaching can improve performance by 88%.” (The International Personnel Management Association)

Day 1

  1. Soft Skills, Hard Results
  2. Successful Managers Communicate Successfully: think, listen, question
  3. GROW! SMART goals, action plans
  4. The ‘Manager-Coach’: action to reflection
  5. Resolving a Dilemma
  6. Dilemma Exercise: race/gender/culture bias?
  7. Time Management: 20:80 priorities, KPI’s, delegation, meetings

Day 2
(Requires completion of Day 1)

8. You and Your Team: shared values, shared goals
9. Team Dynamics: Firo-B, NLP, stress/change
10 & 11. Coaching through Change
12. Coaching through Change: report-back
13. Performance Appraisal: a participatory approach
14. Learning Transfer: ROI, ROE, MBTI, Kirkpatrick 4-Level Evaluation
Appendix 1: 180° Feedback: The Manager
Appendix 2: 360° Feedback: Your Staff

Get the best out yourself; get the best out of your professional life